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A Glimpse Into Vision In Action

About The Founder and Assistant Director


Pastor José Antonio Galván

Founder & Director of Visión En Acción

     Over 28 years ago, Pastor Galván began caring for the mentally ill wandering the streets in Cd. Juárez, Mexico. Today there are approximately 120 patients under his care, including a geriatric population. As a former drug addict, street person, and inmate, his faith has no boundaries. His vision to help dignify the lives of the mentally ill has come to pass.

     We welcome you to be a part of assisting Pastor Galvan to continue this vital work by donating today. 

Hear about Pastor Galván's story by clicking here.


Assistant Director of Visión En Acción

Viri was once a patient at Visión En Acción. As she improved, Pastor Galvan noticed she was brilliant and slowly incorporated her into daily operational tasks. Today, Viri resides at the sanctuary with her family and is fully integrated with overseeing the day-to-day operations. Having studied Business Development at Lymar University, she feels she can further serve the population by becoming a medical professional. Thus, she is currently enrolled at the Autonomous University at Durango via online studies towards a Bachelor's in Medicine. 

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