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A volunteer at Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary

About Us

Creating Meaningful Impact

The all-volunteer team at Rescued Minds, Inc. has worked tirelessly to promote our cause on behalf of the mentally ill at Visión En Acción. We are fortunate to have volunteers and staff from all walks of life who bring their unique expertise and resources into everything we do. This is what enables us to achieve our goals of supporting Visión En Acción and future organizations that continue to make a positive impact.
While there is always more that can be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through happy faces and heartwarming feedback. See how you can become part of the difference.


Our Mission

What We Believe In

It is so easy to fall into a pattern of apathy as we go through our lives. Our organization was born out of a commitment to stop passing over the real issues of society and deal with them head-on. We aim to aid those who need it most, specifically at Visión En Acción in Cd. Juárez, Mexico. Rescued Minds, Inc. is here to help, and we believe that change is possible when we put our hearts and minds to it. Join us in our Herculean effort.

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