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Current Projects

  • GAS STOVE. The existing stove used for cooking meals for the patients and staff is not working as it should. It leaks gas and is on its last leg. 


    • A physician to visit the facility once a day.

    • A backup physician who could be on call in case of an emergency.

    • A minimum of four nurses that could always be present.

    • A part-time Occupational Therapist who could organize activities for the patients.

    • A Social Worker who could check up on the patients who returned to their families.

    • There is a need for an industrial-type medical weight scale, glucose monitor, stethoscope, and other medical equipment and supplies to help screen and evaluate the patients and treat them when an injury or illness occurs. 

    • A passenger van. There are nursing schools that require their students to gain practical experience. The sanctuary could use these students but would have to provide transportation due to the location of the sanctuary.

    • A basic dental program.

  • PERIMETER FENCE. The construction of a perimeter fence to help protect the facility from wild animals, minimize vandalism and ensure the overall security and safety of the patients and on-site staff. 

  • MESH CANOPY. The secure and open courtyard, where many patients congregate during the day, suffers from the harsh environment. Therefore, a shade/canopy is needed to help protect them from the summer and winter elements. 

  • 2ND LEVEL ROOMS W/METAL ROOF. Additional housing is needed for men with 14 beds and a TV room. 

  • OPERATING EXPENSES. Feeding and caring for 120+ patients is a daily miracle. 

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